Feb 25, 2019

How to Track an Easter Bunny: Get a Jump on the Holiday!

It's never too soon to build excitement for the visiting Easter Bunny, at least as far as prolific picture book author Sue Fliess is concerned. Her latest, HOW TO TRACK AN EASTER BUNNY released early in February, even getting a jump on Mardi Gras! 
In this holiday charmer, Fliess relies on her knack for writing read-aloud rhyming text to create an appealing how-to book. Then she provides interesting back matter about the origins of the Easter Bunny tradition, adds a craft idea woven with academic connections, then follows with suggestions for STEM activities. (Science Technology Engineering Math). 
The early launch allows plenty of time to engage young readers with the simple text and related activities well in advance of the holiday. After even a few re-read-alouds the young ones will be chiming in on rhyming words. 
The initial premise is that a clever Easter Bunny may hide eggs and other goodies so well that they could be left undiscovered on Easter morning. Simple steps explain and illustrations support directions for how to make a "nest" for EB (Easter Bunny), including enticements and construction procedures. A trail of carrots guarantees that EB will pause in her pursuits to discover the nest and take a brief break there before hiding the goodies. (SPOILER ALERT>>>)
The finishing touch to the nest is a generous application of glitter. Everyone knows that glitter clings to everything and leaves a trail, which is the point of this project. The story resolves as expected and the diverse group of siblings/friends resist the impulse to catch EB in the act, allowing her to continue on to the next eager home. 
Fliess has an ear for rhyme and a heart for young audiences. (Previous reviews here and  here.) Illustrator Simona Sanfilippo saturates each spread with the exuberant colors of spring, suggesting action and momentum with broad sweeping strokes and lightly interprets the excitement and energy of the characters. 
I enjoyed reading this holiday picture book and can imagine plenty of young folks who will respond eagerly to the story and to the suggested activities. 

The publisher provided a copy of the book for my review with no expectations about content.

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