Activities with Picture Books (Emotions)

Reading Faces!,

Developing understanding of emotional content is essential in comprehension. The activity described below can be used and adapted for readers of every age using labeled icons for each facial expression.
(A similar activity including a facial icons chart is available at this wiki educational link.)

Developing Understanding of Visual Affect- reading moods, faces, body posture, etc.

1. Provide a list of “emotions labels”- and ask readers to model them with partners

2. Provide multiple PB and sticky notes.

3. Locate examples of various emotional expressions, body postures, color/setting tones and mark with note/label to indicate the emotion observed.

4. After about 5 minutes of this, stop share with a small circle (Pair of partners- 3-5 at most)

5. Debate, discuss, explore

6. Follow up later with examples of affect/emotion in text rather than pictures.

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