Appreciating Differences

When I was working on this post featuring books about differences, the titles I wanted to recommend piled up like leaves in autumn. Creating a separate page of recommended titles on this topic became a better choice. Over time I'll add to this list, so I hope you'll check back occasionally and continue to share books like these with kids of all ages. In most cases I simply posted titles, with links to purchase, read reviews, and find authors/illustrators. Many of the review sites also offer featured lists of titles on this theme. In some cases I've added a brief personal note about the selected title.

Detailed reviews of "Eddy" can be found at Multicultural Literature For Children blog, and a short video of this title is made available through ING Direct.
Although the cover image and title character depict Eddie  with Down's Syndrome, this is a story just as much about Christy and her friend JimBud as it is about Eddie Lee.

THE BIG ORANGE SPLOT, written and illustrated by Daniel Manus Pinkwater. Review from Flowering Minds.

 BULLY, written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco. Review at BooksThatHealKids. 

This title just released in Septemebr, 2012, and I have not read it. It deals directly with students using FaceBook to bully, a topic worth addressing, since derogatory remarks about differences are often the tools used in these incidents.

CHAMELIA, written and illustrated by Ethan Long. Read a very detailed review at KirkusReviews.

FAT, FAT ROSE MARIE, by Lisa Passen may be harder to find, but could be found in libraries. Check this Kirkus review to see why it might be well worth the search to find a book involving this very current concern.

Find excellent detailed description and Kirkus review at the BoydsMillsPress web page.

Note: MIddle Grade book- NOT a picture book.

A perfect parable, appealing without being overly sweet, despite the title. Review from Books That Heal Kids blog.

THANK YOU MR. FALKER, written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco. Review at JuiceBoxesAndCrayolas.

 UNDERSTANDING SAM and ASPERGER'S SYNDROME, by Clarabell VanNiekerk and Liezl Venter, MA CCC-SLP, illustrated by Clarabelle VanNiekerk. A review can be found at

Be aware that this is a 2006 publication. Since that time "Autism Spectrum Disorder" is the preferred descriptor, not Asperger's Syndrome. This book includes backmatter with a direct message from the author to "kids", as well as ten tips for "kids" who interact with someone on the autism spectrum. These are tips that every child would do well to discuss and learn for use in any social encounter.

WESLANDIA, by Paul Fleischman, illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. Review at JuiceBoxesAndCrayolas.

This is one of my all-time favorites on many counts, not just becasue it deals with someone who travels to the beat of a different drum, so to speak. DO NOT MISS this one!

There are countless fans of WONDER, by R. J. Palacio, justifiably so. It's hard to choose just a few of the many reviews of this title, but a good place to start is at SLJ's A Fuse #8 Production.   

Note: Middle grade book- not a picture book.

Peachtree Books, 2018

Here's a recent nonfiction picture book by the talented author Melissa Stewart with illustrations that will charm. As the dedication indicates, this science book can lend moral support to kids who are bullied, reminding them that the very traits that some others see a weaknesses could prove to be assets and strengths. Here's a glowing review from a pair of librarian/nonfiction bloggers.

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