Feb 14, 2021

Today's the DAY! Cybils Awards Announced for ALL CATEGORIES! Congratulations!


The countdown for CYBILS AWARDS 2020 is finally over:

August:  Application and selection of panelist

September: Nominations in all categories

October-November: Round one panelists are reading, thinking, reviewing, winnowing.

December: Panelists huddle in each category, resolve debates, select finalists.

January 1: CYBILS announces the finalists in all fifteen categories, handing over the lists to the Round Two Panelists who must determine the ultimate winner among winning works.


That's today, as I write this!   Find the link to full listing HERE!

In the fiction picture book category I served as a first round panelist, and these were our finalists:

Each of these, and so many others that we read, are winners in their own standing. But today, I'm thrilled to share the news that the ultimate 2020 CYBILS FICTION BOOK WINNER is:


I raved about it in a prior post, here.

From Cybils blog:

I Am Every Good Thing (AmazonIndieBound)
by Derrick Barnes, illustrated by Gordon C. James
Nancy Paulsen Books
Nominated by: kelstarly

"This book’s stunning illustrations and exuberant, poetic text create driving rhythms and cadences that will capture the broad attention of a group in a read-aloud as well the more intimate attention of parent and child. It’s an empowering story of being proud of who you are during the easy times and the hard times. It rose immediately to the top of our list for a Cybils Award."

Congratulations to this winner, and to all the others.  Thank you to the Cybils Awards volunteers who organize and carry out this program year after year!

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