Mar 17, 2019

Potential Bunny Pets? Read BORROWING BUNNIES First!

Popping in here with an important (and lovable) book for the Spring/Easter season. 

Farrar Straus Giroux, 2019
BORROWING BUNNIES: A Surprising True Tale of Fostering Rabbits is written by award-winning novelist Cynthia Lord, with photography by John Bald and Illustrations by Hazel Mitchell
Let's just agree, photos of bunnies deserve five stars and raves.
No arguing, I said.
If you don't believe me, get your hands on this book and see for yourself. 
Now, on to a discussion of the book.
This is a nonfiction, how-to book that serves as mentor text for young writers (of any age, actually), and also models practical and accessible back matter. The photos, illustration enhancements, and details of a particular fostered bunny pair will have you AW-ing at every page turn. Who on this planet would not AW and OOH at newborn bunnies that look like miniature hippos, at babies named for Dickens characters, and at happy rabbits twist-jumping in a move called a "binky". 
That's real!
Just be sure to make that final page turn to the back matter after the ooh-ing and aw-ing are over. The title of that page poses this important question: 
(Who wouldn't, after reading this book?)
Some simple cautions and guides provide parents with questions and answers that will make sense to little ones: 
  • Is anyone in the household allergic? (Enough said.)
  • Are there very young siblings in the home? (Waiting is advised, for everyone's sake.)
  • Do you have time for a rabbit? (even after the novelty wears off?)
  • Will you care for it throughout its long life? (8-12 years!)
  • Do you have enough money for a rabbit? (Supplies, food, veterinary care?)
  • Can you keep your rabbit safe? 
This is a  must-have book for anyone considering having a bunny as a pet, but also a must-have for nonfiction collections in libraries, classrooms, and homes.

Before you even consider buying a bunny (or chick or other baby animal) to tuck into an Easter basket or offer as a gift for other seasonal celebrations, PLEASE research and be realistic about the needs of the animals involved. This is a perfect example of how research can be fun, and a reminder that there are other outlets than ownership for animal lovers. Kids are often welcome to volunteer as caregivers, fosters, walkers, petters, and such. More research could yield great solutions, since this book doesn't go into such details.
If you hope to proceed to ownership AFTER (and only after) serious investigation, I strongly recommend adoption of rescue animals rather than pet shop purchases. That should be your next stage of research. 
So, with Easter still a month away, I'm sharing this post into the ether in advance of last minute impulse buying!


  1. Got an ARC of this from Cynthia & reviewed it an BECAUSE OF THE RABBIT on the GROG blog. I hand-sold a copy of this book yesterday at my local indie.

  2. These two titles could be joined by THE RABBIT LISTENED, which reveals another way that those quiet, silent animal pets, rabbits, especially, can sometimes allow us to hear (and heal) our own hearts.
    My goodreads note about that one is here: Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Grog Blog, too.


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