May 13, 2018

Happy Mothers' Day: The Magic of Memories

An interesting series of events in recent weeks involved author Stephanie Stuve Bodeen, who writes middle grade and young adult novels as SA Bodeen.She is the author of a favorite picture book of mine, ELIZABETI'S DOLL. I'm not the only fan of the book, since it became a series of three titles featuring Elizabeti. 

My email exchanges with Stephanie on other matters reminded me of my first Mothers' Day post six years ago when the blog was only a few months old. 

I enjoyed rereading it, recalling the time with my mom described in the piece. It also reminded me that there's no time like today to refocus on the power of picture books for readers of ANY age.

Then I met with another writer this week and we happened to discuss Barbara Joosse's I LOVE YOU THE PURPLEST. She said that even in the earliest days of her family (she has two children) this became a central text for their lives. Now her children are independent adults and Purplest continues to bond them. Some years ago the two offspring had a necklace custom-made for their mom with the phrase on it. They text daily and they always sign off with a purple heart. One offered to have the phrase tattooed, but so far that idea has been squelched by my friend.

The two conversations made me squelch my own plans for a post today, Mothers' Day, and urge you to read the original post, HERE. I hope you'll take a few minutes to check it out, and then give some thought to a book that touches the core of your feelings for your own moms. If your mom is no longer around to share it, consider gifting it to a new mom, but share your family memories in the process. 

Picture books have power at any age, and across the years. 

This one's for you, Mom, again.


  1. I haven't read either of these. I do love the idea of giving our mothers a picture book or donating one in their name. Very special. So many amazing picture books out there. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jess. I hope you'll check both of these out. I continue to believe that there's a "just right" picture book gift for every one, every age. Even if that means donating a book(s) in honor of others.


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