Oct 3, 2016

CYBILS NOMINATIONS Are Officially Open to ALL!

And... we're OFF!

Nominations for consideration for CYBILS AWARDS have officially opened, but the window of opportunity is short. It's especially fun because ANYONE may nominate, and the process is extremely simple. I urge you to take a moment, though, to read through the very clear directions and note each category description, here.

Speaking from experience, it's fun to see that my own favorite choices might be nominated by the time I arrive at the site, which is when I do my happy dance. I have a deep-seated aversion to narrowing any category down to a single "favorite". (Hmm, I probably should have mentioned that when I applied to join a panel, right? But I survived the stress last year and couldn't resist trying to participate again this year.) I prepare in advance with lists of top favorites in the various categories. That way I can check if any of my choices are already nominated. If so, I can add other titles from my lists. 

One reason I'm particularly pleased to be chosen as a ROUND ONE panelist is that I don't have to make that final, challenging decision. Even so, narrowing down 100+ titles in my category this year, Elementary/Middle Grade Nonfiction, will be genuinely wrenching as we examine and discuss and winnow the best of the best from every angle. Last year we scrutinized (and enjoyed!) more than 200 titles in the Fiction Picture Book category.

So don't miss out. Make sure we consider your favorites, too. If you have children at home or in a classroom, seek their opinions, too, although only adults may nominate. When the deadline arrives, the judging begins. The reading has already begun once each nominee is screened as to its appropriate inclusion in the category. 
Why not sign up to follow the Cybils blog to follow along throughout the process and read reviews of some terrific titles from 2016?

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