Sep 11, 2016

History Comes to Life in Picture Books- and Historical Novels

It's been a busy few weeks (and months) as the launch date nears for Book Two, BJORN'S GIFT, in the trilogy that developed from my debut novel, ODIN'S PROMISE. In the run-up to release day I've been privileged to provide guest posts on several blogs. 

Today, the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, my post on UNLEASHING READERS blog goes live, here. In it I linked to a wonderful post by Donalyn Miller in which she shares ten important books about 9/11. 

My post emphasizes the importance of including picture books among the titles shared, especially for older readers before launching novel studies.  I hope you'll take a few minutes to read it, consider subscribing to Ricki and Kelley's blog, and click through to Donalyn's post. Those of us old enough to have experienced the unforgettable 9/11 and all that followed find it hard to imagine that the learners in our schools have no living memory of that time. They need to have meaningful access to major historical events, and we can all gain a great deal by reading books on those subjects, especially ones intended for younger readers. 


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