Nov 19, 2014

A Thanksgiving Picture Book Feast

I'm taking another piggyback-post shortcut here to share a veritable cornucopia
of fun picture books dealing with gratitude and thankfulness. These are not specifically Thanksgiving titles, rather the kinds of books that foster genuine awareness of  and deep gratitude for our blessings, relevant throughout the year. There's nothing syrupy or schmaltzy about them; they are simple and charming stories featuring diverse characters and situations. 

This post by Gi Hallmark on THE CHILDREN'S BOOK REVIEW deserves a careful read, a bookmark, and sharing. I'm grateful for the post, and you'll be grateful to have such a convenient list of titles to suggest not just during this season, but all year long.

I'll just add one personal disclaimer:
as much as I adore Shel Silverstein's work, THE GIVING TREE is on a very short list of picture book titles that I personally do not enjoy or recommend, for a variety of reasons. For insights into the curiously intense debate about the book, read this COMMON SENSE MEDIA post.

It's never a good idea to share a book without reading it yourself first, even more so with picture books. Children "read" themselves into books, seeing every nuance in the illustrations and impact of the overall story. So check these recommendations out and make your choices-- there are plenty to go around for someone you know!

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