Mar 20, 2014

Don't Miss This Resource: Women's History Month

For a variety of reasons I chose not to post titles related to "theme months" this spring (Black History in February, Women's History Month in March, and Poetry Month in April). I've shared my attitude about theme months in several prior posts, but always tried to feature at least a few of my favorites during these months in the past.

One reason is that this blog now has a reasonable stock of archived titles readers can draw on for a variety of topics, all year long. 

Another reason for temporarily cutting back on new posts to this blog is because of time commitments for the pending release of my middle grade historical novel, Odin's Promise. 

In addition, I felt confident that readers would be able to locate current and classic titles for theme months in other high quality blogs. If you missed my recent post in which I pointed out Anita Silvey's Book-A-Day Almanac  be sure to check out its rich resources and superior insights.  
Official blog banner  for Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month

This month in particular (Women's History Month) I've been utilizing a blog co-hosted by west coast librarian Margo Tanenbaum and her east coast librarian friend. It shows up in my inbox several times each week, providing me with a squeak of happy recognition for titles I know and may even have featured in the past. Even better, it points me toward titles I haven't yet read, and they're immediately added to my library hold list and eventually land in my bedside stack of books to read.

Sure, I know what I said above about reserving time for posts, web development, and prep work for the release day next month. Still, I'm willing to cut back just so far, and that does NOT include doing less reading, especially when titles come highly recommended from trusted sources. 

So, thank you, Margo & Co., for offering readers those recommendations. As for readers here, I hope you'll click on over to bookmark her site and even consider subscribing. You won't be disappointed.

Full disclosure: In a few weeks it will be my pleasure to respond to an interview with Margo about the release of Odin's Promise and she plans to post a review. I've followed her blog posts for a long time and that's how I first became aware of her. This recommendation of her blog was not a condition of her blog posts about my book. I'm proud and confident to recommend her suggestions to you.

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