Mar 15, 2014

Anita Silvey's Blog: Book-A-Day Almanac

I'm sliding back into short-cut mode for this post.

It's about time I shared directly some of the blogs and other resources I go to for reminders about classics and favorites as well as introductions to recent (and even pre-) releases. It wasn't so long ago, the wise old woman intones (that would be me), when keeping track of books depended entirely on reading the major review sources in print. That ranged from Booklist to Horn Book to School Library Journal to Booklinks. I also devoured related content journals, especially their annual issues featuring children's titles for their respective subjects: math, social studies, science, music, and art.

Since the exponentially rapid growth of the internet, I usually explore those sources online. I also get direct feeds of many reliable blogs, some of which are listed and linked on the side bar. The frequency of their posts vary, but their content is consistently informative and helpful.

My recommendation in this short post is that you check out Anita Silvey's BOOK-A-DAY ALMANAC. Her posts are not limited to picture books, but they do offer reminders and insights to some of the best in the world of children's literature. And they can show up in your inbox daily.
Bless you, Anita Silvey! 
Her credentials are impeccable and her selections varied and wonderful. Check out her "About" page and you'll see what I mean.

Anita's site  has served readers, teachers, and parents (who, I sincerely hope, are also readers) for such a long time that she offers this terrific resource page to search archives for books in particular categories: by age, by subject, by author/illustrator, by type of book, and by date featured. It can't get any easier than that!

Here's hoping you already know her site. If so, do someone a favor and recommend it to a friend or colleague. If it's new to you, allow yourself the fun of diving through the site. Then I urge you to add it to your favorites/bookmarks, and even subscribe (free) for your once-a-day dose of great book recommendations.


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