Apr 16, 2018

Happy InternationalHaiku Day!

April 17 is the annual INTERNATIONAL HAIKU DAY. 

Much like the concise, precise, and incisive form of HAIKU, I'll try to keep this post brief and send you on your way to celebrate and explore some amazing haiku collections in picture books. 

If you missed it, you might start with a post here on April 1: H IS FOR HAIKU.  Or spend some reflective moments with the HAIKU books I recommended last year, HERE.

My final suggested link is from a blog you may want to follow, WHAT WE DO ALL DAY. Check out the HAIKU suggested HERE.

As promised, this is a compact little post, but I hope it has the impact to send you in search of these and other HAIKU picture books.

Be inspired. Be brave. 
Be bold.Try to write HAIKU. 
Voice your inner life!

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