Aug 13, 2016

Linking back to Olympic Picture Book Posts

As the 2016 Summer Olympics play out on multi-media stages, let's not overlook important offerings on the subject in the world of picture books. An important aspect of these competitions every two/four years is that deep histories and traditions are reported and repeated, embedded in the records and the lives of those who set those records. 

HMH Books for Young Readers, 2016

A recent release is NADIA, THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T SIT STILL, written by Karlin Gray and illustrated by Christine Davenier. Click on the author's name above to read an informative Q/A about this book.

In past Olympic years I've recommended other titles, including this post about diver Sammy Lee and runner Wilma Rudolph. Click on the names to learn more about the individuals, and click HERE to read my comments on picture books that share their stories.

The two weeks of the summer Olympics are CERTAINLY NOT the only time to share books like these. Just last spring I wrote a post about the balancing act between fiction and nonfiction in writing picture books or novels that weave verifiable facts throughout compelling and realistic stories. 

In it, HERE, I featured several titles ranging from Pat Zietlow Miller's QUICKEST KID IN CLARKSVILLE to the graphic biography, WILMA RUDOLPH: OLYMPIC TRACK STAR, by Lee Engfer.

Whether you check out my previous posts linked above, explore new titles like NADIA, or search out others involving your sport of choice, tap into the magnetic and irresistible draw of picture books on sports themes all year long, every year. They offer inspiration as well as mentor text for fiction, nonfiction, biography, and figurative language. And sports fan will confirm that no text is more dense with metaphor and simile than sports writing is. When looking for books featuring diverse characters and obstacles overcome, this topic/genre provides a rich resource. With back-to-school just around the corner (or already begun) there's no better time, at home or at school, to make a trip to the library and fill a bag with a selection of winning titles.

If you have others to suggest, please add them to the comments so we can add them to our lists before that library trip!

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