Dec 2, 2015

Working Through Decisions: So Many Cybils Choices

I began November with a serious plan to post notes about some of the best-of-the-best of the fiction picture books I've been reading as a panelist for the Cybils awards EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH! 

You may have noticed... that didn't happen! I won't even try to make excuses. Sometimes good intentions fall by the wayside when higher priorities move in. In this case, READING!


 Followed by taking part in early-stage discussions about some of the best of the best of the HUGE numbers of books our panelists have been reading... and reading... and reading!

No regrets. This has been the perfect storm of pleasure, challenge, inspiration, and responsibility.    
As I said, no regrets!

I'm spending the time I might be writing those daily posts trying to make sure that my impressions, analysis, and emotional responses to these books represent my highest standards and values. I'll close quickly and head back to that process in a moment, but if you are feeling curious about those stacks and stacks of books, you may want to explore a bit about some of them on this remarkable NEW resource.

SCBWI- the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators- has created a new service to its members. Three times a year they will post a "BOOK LAUNCH PARTY" link on their website. There anyone can browse through some of the books released (or due to release) in the current season, or search for a title you've heard about or check a favorite author's name to see if s/he has a current release. Each "Launch Party" tab opens up multiple ways to interact with the new books.

If I've disappointed you by not posting more titles here this month, try to forgive me, please. Then spend a few minutes (or many minutes) by browsing the Winter Release announcements here. Meanwhile, I'll get back to reading, analyzing, and enjoying these stacks of fiction picture books. 

And stay tuned... I will be posting extensive notes about those books before long.
Really! Trust me, it will be worth the wait.

By the way, in spring of 2016 I'll have a link at the book launch party site myself for the second book of my middle grade historical novel  trilogy. 

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