Dec 14, 2013

Long Lines Make Me Smile- in Bookstores!

This will be a fairly short post (it's holiday season, in case you missed the memo). Along with cookie baking, gift shopping/wrapping, and package shipping, we've had some snow shoveling to deal with around here, too.
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With that said, you'd think waiting in long lines would be particularly frustrating, but NOT SO when the lines are in bookstores. This is true any time of the year. Instead of staring at racks of snacks, pop culture rag-azines, or useless oddities, bookstore lines provide my eyes with an array of titles I've considered, unique (even hand-made) stocking stuffers, and peeks at other shoppers' selections. This is true in larger chain stores and even more so in independent bookstores. 

I often find myself unable to resist commenting or inquiring about those selections, finding myself engaged in a lively book/author discussion with a friendly shopper when we're rudely interrupted to complete our purchases!

At holiday season I'm especially thrilled to find so many people buying books-- actual books-- as gifts. I've always gifted books for Christmas and every other occasion, even when there is no recognizable occasion but the time and match are right. This year I'm again able to gift some picture books signed to the recipients, which turns my smile into a grin.

Chronicle Books, one of my favorite picture book publishers and stalwart champions of the place of picture books in our world, offers a "Give-a-Book-Pledge" opportunity to nudge you in the same direction. I'll add to that this link to Indiebound so you can search out the title you prefer and find someone in your area who will be pleased to help you obtain it. 

When considering options, here are a few resources:

The New York Times Style list for parents,

This breakdown by grades from Reading Rockets

and my highest recommendation refers to our Wisconsin list of 2013 releases, able to be downloaded here as revised lyrics to THE 12 DAYS OF SCBWI-Christmas by Kate Lindsay.

So, set those cookies aside and start searching. Whether shopping for kids or adults, do your part to help me picture books (sorry 'bout that) in the hands of everyone during this holiday season.

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