Mar 31, 2013

A Springtime Buffet of Books

Spring involves various holiday celebrations and commitments, not to mention the time demands of  following NCAA March Madness, (followed by celebrating or grieving for my teams of choice), baseball's opening days, and refilling  birdfeeders for my returning feathered friends. Add to that  this week's major distraction- watching snow melt- and I've opted to feature some seasonal prior posts.

First, with a nod to the amazing skills of young athletes, here are  some thoughts about the importance of building character and values at the core of any skill, athletic or otherwise. 

Next, with baseball's opening day in mind, use this post featuring non-fiction and biography titles to explore the history of some of the greatest names the sport has ever known.

Finally, there are quality poetry titles dealing with every topic, mood, and setting. A day without poetry is like a day without sunshine- it happens, but you're definitely missing something. April is National Poetry Month, so here's a look back at a post featuring recent releases everyone will enjoy.

And with that I'm off to enjoy an array of spring diversions, the company of friends, and the pleasures of sunshine (even when intermittent) and  sports (win or lose). Happy Springtime!

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