Nov 2, 2015

Picture Book Month Continues: Maya's Blanket: La Manta de Maya

As this recent post indicated, November is PICTURE BOOK MONTH. Each day this month I'm sharing quick notes and links to some of the outstanding fiction picture books I've been reading for the ROUND ONE Cybils Awards. 

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For today's installment, don't miss MAYA'S BLANKET: La Manta de Maya, written by Monica Brown, illustrated by the incomparable David Diaz. 

Here's my short note on Goodreads: 

"Full disclosure: I am an unabashed fan of the traditional JOSEPH HAD A LITTLE OVERCOAT, in the Simms Taback version and several others, but tend to be critical when retellings are not well-executed.
This Latina version is well told, features a female recipient, allows the young girl to be a co-creator along the many transformations of her blanket, and is told with bilingual text.

When David Diaz lends his magical, interpretative illustrations a guaranteed winner is the result."

I've read multiple glowing reviews, but several made it a point to recommend this book for schools and libraries serving Latino/a populations. I heartily endorse that sentiment, as far as it goes. My objection to that recommendation is that this book should find its way into the hands of ALL readers, regardless of cultural background, on its merits alone. It not only offers a mirror to those who speak and live with a Hispanic identity but also a window for those unfamiliar with the language or culture. 

Back soon with more suggestions!

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